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Your guarantee from us....We will do everything in our power to guarantee you love your nails and that they last or you will be given 100% of your money back. Nails should never lift or "just fall off". Our education and experience knows this to be true so you are in good hands....guaranteed.

11 North Main Street~Hartford,Wisconsin


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We are extremely proud to have 3 CND Grand Master Nail Techs, 4 licensed Nail Instructors and 3 Certified Toe Nail Reconstruction Specialists on staff. 

Do you know the difference between gel and acrylic? Some discount salons offer "gel" but it is applied with a powder and a liquid. Do not be fooled into believing this and paying more. An acrylic is powder and liquid-ALWAYS. A gel looks like hair gel in a jar-ALWAYS.

Acrylic and gel are almost chemically the same. One cures with air and one cures with a light. The product will NOT ruin your nails. The way the enhancements are put on and the way they are taken off, can ruin your nails. We have heard people say "acrylics ruined my nails". We then ask "Where did you have them put on and how did you take them off?" The answer is hidden in those two questions!

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