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What is the difference between gels and acrylics?

How do you know what you really have on your nails? This picture is the difference between acrylic and gel. If your nail tech is using a powder and liquid, you have acrylics on and are paying for gels.

There is no such thing as a powdered gel. Stay informed, be educated!  

Nail Tips and Frequently Ask Questions! Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns!

Are you more expensive than discount salons?

No. If you see a special saying $19.99 for a fill and ours are $37, it may look like we are more. BUT once inside that discount salon, they charge you for repairs ($5.00 a piece), for nail art, french polish, shellac polish, pedicure masks and scrubs and we do not charge for any of that. I recently had a new client that went to walked into a "mall" nail salon because of a $15 manicure sign and walked out paying $45. She went to our salon next and we charged her $25 for the same exact service but with exception customer service and hospital grade sanitation. You get what you pay for!

My nail tech doesn't speak English. Is he licensed?

All of our nail techs speak English and all of us live in our community. The state of Wisconsin gives the test in English, Spanish and Vietnamese so techs don't have to speak English. But it is up to you as a consumer to make sure your nail tech is licensed. The state has 2 inspectors and does not visit nail salons unless there is a complaint. To make sure your nail tech is licensed you must ask before your service to see their license. It must be on the wall. Then ask for a photo ID to match the name on the license, If your tech is licensed, they will not be offended that you ask that. We welcome these questions because we are proud of our education! If they refuse, walk out. Getting a fungus or fatal infection is not worth the cheaper service.

Can I bring in my own implements?

We ask that you don't. We are very confident in how we disinfect our implements in hospital grade disinfectant. Bringing them from home might not guarantee that level of disinfection. We also use a new file on every client, again ensuring the file is sanitary. If your tech is using a file that is dusty and coming out of a drawer or cup, it is not clean and was used on the person before you. If that person has fungus, now so do you!

Can you wax my eyebrows while I am there?

NO! Nail techs are not licensed to do any facial waxing! So if your nail tech offers this service, they are doing it illegally. And who wants an unlicensed nail tech putting hot wax by your eyes??

Why do my nails peel in layers?

Figuring out how to stop it from happening is easier than figuring out why it happens. There are 100's of reasons why but a few ways to stop it from happening. Getting a manicure with us will teach you how to stop the peeling and create some healthy maintenance habits!

Do you use that electric drill thing on my nails?

We all have been trained on the electric file. The most important part of our training is NOT using it on the natural nail and NOT cause any pain or harm to the natural nail. Rest assured we do not use the drill for our skill. 

Should I shave my legs before a pedicure?

Actually no, you shouldn't. If you accidentally cut yourself and still have bleeding at your pedicure appointment, we can not do your pedicure. So don't worry about leg stubble...we want to keep you healthy and safe!

Do acrylics or gels ruin my nails?

The actual product does not ruin your nail. It is how they are put on and how they are taken off that ruin your nails. If the tech has to drill on your natural nails in order to prep the nails , it will ruin your nails. And if you "tear or rip" your nails off, you will ruin your nails. It is best to have us remove your nails. 

How can I remove my "fake" nails?
It is best if we remove them for you so that your nails are not damaged afterwards.

How can I get my nail polish to last longer?

Try Shellac or Infinite Shine polishes. Both can extend the life of your nail polish! With regular polish, the key is using professional products, applying it correctly and applying polish to super clean nails. Allow us to teach you how to get the most life out of your polish!

How can I get my nails to grow?

If there was a nail strengthener that worked, we would just have one on the market. Like weight loss products, we have way too many to pick from and 99% of them don't work. Nail strengthener is similar. Nails are healthy and grow beautifully when you are healthy and take care of them. Manicures in a licensed nail salon, using daily creams and oils and using a professional strength nail strengthener is key. Good old fashion, eating well, exercising, limiting alcohol use and not smoking also helps nail growth.

More info to come!