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Nail Essentials Bridal Party Contract and Policies

How do I book a Bridal Party?

1. Your first step is read through our contracts and policies.

2. Print off our policies and contracts.

3. Fill them out completely (name, cell phone provider, cell phone and service for everyone) and sign them.

4. Then mail or email them back to the salon right away.

5. When we receive your contracts we will determine if we can accommodate your every need.

6. We will then send you a confirmation email with all the appointments. This will confirm your appointments.

Nail Essentials Bridal Policies

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the planning starts and we are honored to be part of your special plans! Please read the policies of our salon prior to calling for available dates. We require a signed policy contract and Bridal contract in order to confirm your appointments.

*Nail Essentials allows food to be brought in but we do not allow alcoholic beverages. The state of Wisconsin prohibits any alcoholic beverages in any salon. We recommend using Perc Place Coffee Shop for your spa day menu. Call them to set up food and beverage delivery during your services. Perc Place 262-670-6950

*Because there may be other clients in the salon during your appointments, we ask that all children be supervised. Also, our salon does not allow any young children in the salon that do not have an appointment. It can be a dangerous environment for very young children who may touch products when unsupervised.

*All scheduled services must be paid for in full 2 weeks before the event. At that point, they are nonrefundable. Any changes to appointments can be made before that 2 week mark. If someone cancels that has paid, they will forfeit their payment.

*We will not service any “extra” guests on the day of the event. We will only provide enough time for the pre-registered and pre-paid guests. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

*We recommend calling at least 3 months prior to your wedding to assure your requested appointments.

I understand the above policies and agree to uphold them. I understand that I will forfeit all appointments if any of these are not upheld.

Signed By the Bride_________________________________ Dated___________________________________

Nail Essentials Bridal Contract

Please call to confirm that your date is available before you fill out any of our forms.

Brides Name________________Appt Date________________

Address___________________Cell Phone #_______________

Email Address___________________Cell Phone Provider______

Appt times start at ____________________ and will end by


Please fill in all guests’ names, cell phone numbers, cell phone provider and email then circle the service requested below.

The Bride __________________________________________ manicure pedicure full set


1.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

2.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

3.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

4.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

5.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

6.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

7.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

8.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

9.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

10.________________________________________________manicure pedicure full set

I, the Bride, _______________________________ understand that I am responsible for informing my guests of their appointment times, prices and Nail Essentials policies; including the payment requirements. I also understand that if anyone breaks any of our salons policies, they will be asked to leave and/or forfeit their appointment.

Signed______________________________________________________ Date___________________________