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Our Services

Natural Nail Services for Men and Women

Express Manicure 30 minutes $27.00 

includes nail shaping, cuticle care, light lotion application and regular or shellac application. This service does NOT include shellac removal or any nail art.

Signature Manicure 45-60 minutes $35.00

~includes Shellac removal, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliating treatment, massage and regular or Shellac polish application.

Natural Nail Boost Treatment 60 minutes $42.00

~ a solvent resistant permanent natural nail base coat that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure that the nails grow to be beautiful, strong and even. Perfect for women that suffer from brittle, soft and flaking nail plates but do not want artificial enhancements. Includes shellac removal and reapplication.

Shellac Removal and Reapplication 30 minutes $27.00

~ We recommend this service only be done in between manicures. Shellac will not be guaranteed long lasting if appropriate cuticle care is not done. This service may include minimal nail art if time allows.

Shellac Removal 15 minutes $10.00

~ Let us take your Shellac off safely.

Paraffin Treatment 15 minutes $10.00

~ added onto any service besides the Ultimate manicure to engulf your hands in warmth and hydration.

Natural Nail Polish change with regular polish

15 minutes $15.00

Men's Essential Hand Treatment 30 minutes $30.00

Nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation and massage, buff nails (matte or shine)

Pedicure Services

Express Pedicure 30 minutes $32.00

~30 minutes to get your toes beautiful! Nails are trimmed and shaped, brief cuticle care, light lotion application and polish-regular or shellac. This service does not include a shellac removal or nail art.

Signature Pedicure 60 minutes $45.00

~includes shellac removal, a soak in a pedicure basin with a reclining leather lounge chair, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliating treatment, callus treatment, hydrating pedicure mask, foot massage and regular or shellac polish application.

Shellac Removal /Reapplication on Toes 30 minutes $27.00

~ We recommend this service only be done in between pedicures. Shellac will not be guaranteed long lasting if appropriate cuticle care is not done. This service may include minimal nail art if time allows.

Extensive Callus Treatment 15 minutes $10.00

~ extra care and hydration is given to dry, cracked heels.

Detox Foot Treatment 30 minutes $25

~Total body health begins with the feet. A stand-alone service featuring a relaxing 10 minute soak in DetoXsoakâ„¢ in warm water, followed by a massage of feet and legs using a unique serum to balance and de-stress. This serum contains the natural anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin C, and the hydrating benefits of argan Oil.

This service can be added to a pedicure service. It does not include any nail care or polish.

Men's Essential Foot Treatment 45 minutes $40.00

Foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, callus treatment, mask, massage

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic or gel

~Acrylic and gel nails, tips or sculptured, french( pink and whites) or clear. Artificial nails do not ruin your natural nails...who puts them on and who takes them off does! Includes shellac removal and reapplication as well. Please understand that not every nail tech may do permanent french or "pink and whites". Please call to verify this service.

Full Set of artificial nails (acrylic or gel) 60-90 minutes $55.00

Two Week Fill 60-75 minutes $42.00

Three Week Fill 60-75 minutes $45.00

Four Week Fill 60-75 minutes $50.00

Removal of artificial nails or "dipped" nails 30 minutes $25.00

We beg you! Do not rip your nails off or have someone soak your fingers in acetone. Allow us to safely remove your nail enhancements. This service DOES NOT include any polish application.

Nail Repairs with any 2 week fill with our product is Free

Toe Nail Reconstruction

Our feet carry us around all of our lives, day in, day out, patiently and dutifully. They have to tolerate the everyday stress of standing too long, wearing tight shoes, having insufficient airing and exposure to too much moisture. Our feet deserve better! Our feet should be well cared for, beautiful and seen by all!

Barefoot by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the development of modern corrective materials. Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenails right in your own salon or spa. As the beauty industry's #1 pedicure restoration gel, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result.

Due to the flexibility of Barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural. Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

Barefoot is for any woman or man who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state.

Features of Barefoot:

+ Non-Porous Material (far superior to Acrylic)

+ Strong Yet Flexible

+ Completely Natural Feeling

To begin your reconstructive process, you must book a free consultation first.

Call the salon and request an consultation with Michelle, Carly or Jeri.